Calling All Badasses: Style Guide

Calling All Badasses: Style Guide

Calling All Badasses is 2 days away! We are beside ourselves with excitement. But if you're like some of the ladies on our team (i.e. me), you still don't know what to wear!

Luckily, I've scoured some of the best local clothing spots and picked a few affordable outfits for you! Full style guide link at bottom of post.

One of my FAVE shops in CLT is Rose Gold Rebel, and it's not just because I consider the owners some of my close friends (whether or not the feeling is mutual is not a concern of mine). There's a solid chance I own these shorts and an even more solid chance that I'll end up wearing them on Saturday. The best part about RGR? They'll be set up Saturday at the event so you'll be able to purchase (or order) all of their kitschy Tees!

Next up we've got my fave plus size boutique in town! Amy of Worthy Figures works hard to curate a plethora of choices for curvy girls.

I don't think there's a woman in Charlotte who doesn't know about Adair. They offer an affordable boutique shopping experience and some damn cute clothes. 

This dress is an easy fave of mine, and I just might go buy it for myself today.

If none of these babes fit the bill for you, here's a link to the entire style guide I made on Pinterest. 

The bottom line is, we want you to be comfortable and confident - wear whatever gives you those feelings. But we wanted to put something together for those have been asking for some styling assistance!

But of course there is always room for snagging one of our "You Glow Girl" shirts while you're at the shoot!

Let's do this ladies,





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