Morning Routines

Morning Routines

I've never given much thought to morning or night routines, but I wouldn't call myself someone who is in tune with their body that often. I don't listen to my body when it's telling me I've bitten off more than I can chew or when my eyes needs a break from blue light. 

I can't exactly say what's clicking for me, maybe it's just a general dissatisfaction with my own body, but the past several days my mind has become overly occupied with creating a morning routine that is realistic and helps to set my body and brain up for a productive and positive day.

Since Monday, I have experimented with a few different things and intend to create a follow up post about what has worked for me in the long run. 

Here is what I've determined is best for me right now:

Morning Routine Pinterest Graphic

In my research, illustrated extensively in this Pinterest board I've created, the most important thing for my body right now is stretching. In April 2018, I had a highly invasive surgery on my lower spine. The addition of 10 screws in my lumbar spine and sacrum means that while my quality of life has vastly increased, as has my morning stiffness. Stretching first thing when my alarm goes off helps me to feel limber and mobile more easily in the morning. In addition to helping my shake out all the kinks, stretching also has insane benefits from improved digestion to reversing the effects of a desk job. Again, all of this can be found on this Pinterest board


If morning routines are important to you or if you're wanting to begin working on yours, I've create this Insta story bingo full of ideas to get your mornings on the right track to the best you!

Morning Routine Instagram Story Bingo Graphic

And a blank insta story if you'd like to share your thoughts with your followers!


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