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Mirror Reminders

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I've had this idea brewing for quite some time. A little reminder, stuck to your mirror to remind you that it's ok you don't love your body - but it's time you start getting there. I recently became a-tuned to the words I speak to myself. I am far more harsh to my own body than I would ever be to another woman. This is a little reminder that I now have on my mirror to snap be back to reality and remember I would never say those words to someone else.

If my platform is to encourage other women, why do I think it's acceptable to be so critical of my own body, face, hair and everything in between.

Each sticker will be cut as close to 3x3 inches as possible. The same goes for custom orders, your words will be designed in as a square a shape as possible, centered and sized to about 3x3 inches. The fewer characters to be cut, the larger the words will be. You will receive a vinyl sticker with transfer tape already on it.


To create  a custom sticker, select OPTION 6 and type the text exactly how you would like for it to appear in the NOTES section at CHECKOUT. Note: Every letter is capitalized in this design.

To place, clean the surface you will be putting it on. To remove the transfer tape, put the sticker face down and gently peel the blue or white piece off of the letters. NOT THE CLEAR SIDE. Then, line the sticker up exactly where you would like for it to be on your mirror, laptop, phone case, etc. Stick it on and rub it with the edge of a credit card to affix it to the surface. Gently peel off the clear transfer tape a little at a time and a sharp backward angle (even pulling it straight back with your finger tips) to make sure every letter has stuck properly.