worthy + badass


Six years ago I took up jewelry making during my free time. I made truly horrible beaded bracelet designs of which I could not have been more proud. I created a half-assed Etsy page with the worst photos and beamed at my handy work. Naturally, I had little to no sales and the sales that did come through were from family and friends supporting me. 

Since that time, I've taken many breaks from the exhaustion of all day markets, social media and the millions of other tasks it takes to run a small business. I helped run a non-profit for human trafficking awareness and restoration. I graduated college. I went through a very deep, dark time in life. I went to basic training. I graduated police academy. I got married.

But every time I went through another season in life, I felt the need to create. I love having something I've created myself. I'll put myself through hours of stress just to build something I could have ordered on Amazon. It's just my personality type. worthy + badass is a manifestation of all of those brain-children of mine. 

Since the fall of 2018, this business took off farther and faster than I imagined. I think I'm finally at the crux of something really good here and I'm so happy to be seeing the growth I've always wanted.

The designs I create all have one goal in common. The encouragement, empowerment and enlightenment of women. It's my goal to create pieces that speak to a broad audience and allow women to feel the power of the message when they wear these pieces. Almost nothing here is without intention, including you reading this message. I'm here because I want women to have a fighting chance at being free from objectification, worthlessness and a general feeling that they can't do it. I want to be the loudest voice in your mind screaming at you that you are worthy and you're a total badass. 


Hi badass, I'm Justine. The voice and drive behind worthy + badass. You can probably gather much of who I am from the above story. But if you're still wanting more about me, here you go.

There's a reason I'm so passionate about you. 

I had a unique childhood. Not many people can say they've been adopted twice. And without divulging too many details, I'm passionate about women because I've felt those lies that tell me I'm not good enough, that no one will ever love me, that I don't measure up. To be frank, that cycle broke for me when I found and put my identity in Jesus. And while I'll never push that view on you - I firmly believe that's where my passions are rooted. 


But enough of the heavy. Here's the lighter side of who I am. 

I have a chronic knack for incredible ideas way too late, I'm usually going to try to do it anyway.

I am most notably recognizable by my long, curly hair.

I'm married to an incredibly calculated, pun-tastic and goofy dancing introvert. He's the perfect balance to my "let's be best friends with everyone" attitude. Our greatest goal is to open our own brewery here in Charlotte one day. Come over any time for some incredible home-brewed beer, like I said he's a calculated man.

I would give one of my toes to meet my hero, Dwayne Johnson and I'd love nothing more than to work with him on a project one day.

I have 2 dogs and 6 chickens and beg my husband for more pets almost weekly.

In 2016, I was in a rut after trying to launch my own organization so I raised my right hand and jetted off to Basic Training. I'm currently in the Army Reserve as a Military Police Officer. After BCT graduation, I was recruited by CMPD and went through police academy. I genuinely can't explain how much I hated law enforcement work.

My hatred came partly from a chronic back pain that I had ignored most of my life but when I could barely stand up some days during academy, I finally decided to have it checked out. 10 days after our wedding, I had 10 screws and bone graft put in my lumbar spine to stabilize a 60% slip between my L5 and sacrum. Since healing from my surgery, I've been kicking ass again in the gym with less pain than I've had in years. 

worthy + badass is a culmination of lots of passions and motivators. It's what excites me and pushes me to meet more women. I genuinely hope if you've taken the time to read all of this that you've felt the desperation and excitement in my voice for you to feel worthy + badass.